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Caring for your flowers

At Monsoon Flowers, we only choose the finest flowers for every bouquet. Our fresh flowers are sure to make anyone get at least a little weak in the knees! Just like those butterflies you feel during the beginning of a new relationship, you want the satisfying effect of these flowers to last. Which is all the more reason to pay close attention to our easy flower care instructions.

The first thing to remember is that cut flowers are not like potted plants. Growing plants need different conditions depending on the type of plant while fresh cut blooms all require some of the same basic care. So, while your potted roses may enjoy a fair amount of sunlight, you should think twice when selecting the perfect spot for a bouquet.

When your fabulous Monsoon Flower delivery is made, the first thing you want to do is give each stem a trim. Don't worry, you're not going to hurt them! In fact, trimming your flower stems will help them absorb water with greater ease. Think of these stems as a kind of straw. The ends can get clogged by you can solve this problem by cutting away the clogged part. Always cut flower stems at an angle. Flat stems can end up resting flat on the bottom of the vase and this blocks water absorption. The better they can absorb water, the longer these flowers will hold on to their fresh and beautiful appearance.

Our flower experts at Monsoon have also included something scrumptious for your flowers – flower food! Yes, plants and flowers need to eat too and they don't survive on water alone. The ingredients in our flower food are designed to turn regular vase water into a nutrient-rich meal. Always follow the instructions on the package. Each package needs to be combined with the correct amount of water for best results. If you are ever unsure about the measurements, feel free to ask our helpful team for more detailed care instructions and guidelines. As delicious as this water is for your flowers, it will eventually need to be poured out and replaced. Just like leftovers from a lovely meal, you can't keep it fresh forever. So, if you notice cloudy water in your vase, it's time to change that water!

Temperature is another important factor to consider. Just as we get too hot or too cold, so too do your flowers. They are most comfortable at room temperatures ranging from 65 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit. These temperatures help coax flowers to open up while preventing opened buds from perishing too soon.

When you have your flowers trimmed, placed in fresh water with flower food, and ready for display, it's time to pick the perfect spot! No matter how lovely your bouquet may look on a particular table, you need to consider several factors. Fresh flowers should be kept out of the sun and away from heaters, fireplaces, air conditioners, fans, and anything else that can affect the immediate environment surrounding the bouquet. You don't have to turn off the heat in winter or skip using your air conditioner in summer. It just means that you should place your blooms as far away from sources of heat or cooling appliances. Remember, even your television can affect your fresh flowers!

By following these easy steps, you will get the most out of every Monsoon flower arrangement! The better you treat your flowers, the longer they will last and the more you will get to enjoy them.

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